Submission Guidelines

We publish only one book a year, sometimes fewer, and we seem to get queries every day, so it's not easy to break in here.  Nonetheless, we're always looking for good stories, great writing, originality, and a flair for language. 

While we may one day expand into new areas, we currently publish only speculative fiction (horror, fantasy, science fiction). Within those genres, we don't currently want to see:

Books of poetry
Books for children
Books previously published*
Books that take place mainly off of the Earth
Books that take place earlier than the 20th century
Books of fewer than 50,000 words, or more than 100,000  
Books about elves, dragons, wizards, or talking Saint Bernards
Books about quests for rings, jewels, swords, or magic carburetors
Books that could be labeled space opera, hard science fiction or schlock

*yes, even as e-books or self-published

Query First!

We aren't psychic, yet we can often tell a book is not for us without reading the whole thing. So query with a description of your book and the first 5 pages. Email your query to We'll respond within a week.

When querying:
1. Send a letter designed to make us want to read the entire book, and put the first five pages into the email. DO NOT attach anything. We don't open unsolicited attachments.
2. Proofread your query as if you were snail-mailing it. 
3. We don't care if your book would make a great movie, or which superstar writer it's sure to remind us of, or what your friends or another writer thought of it. Please leave that information out of your letter.