Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome to Aardwolf Press

Below are the books we've published, along with links to excerpts and/or reviews.

If any industry deserves to be lampooned, it's the publishing industry. Full color throughout, 8 X 10, over 150 strips. Samples may be viewed here.

Due to the high cost of production, available only at Evil Editor's Store in the Square Market. 
More comic strips and cartoons featuring Evil Editor. Includes Evil Editor's Graphic Novelette!  Due to the high cost of production, available only at Evil Editor's Store in the Square Market.

The year is 2160. Interstellar flight is common, space stations are as busy as 21st-century airports, and extraterrestrials inhabit Earth. And the Chicago Cubs still haven't won the World Series since 1908. Fed up, two Cubs fans use a time machine to travel back to 1908, recruit (okay, kidnap) two players off the last championship Cubs team, and bring them to the future to help the Cubs finally win another World Series.

The haplessness of the Cubs has won them millions of followers. They may be the most beloved sports team in the US. And whether you're a fan or not, this book may be your one chance to be there when the Cubs finally take the Series.

"The fate of the Cubs determines the fate of the World. I only wish I'd dreamed it up first."--Robert Reed, author of Marrow and The Well of Stars

"1908 meets the 22nd Century, Cubs style. Are you sure this is fiction?’’--Gene Wojciechowski, ESPN, and author of Cubs Nation.

Link to the review in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

"A tragicomic downbound train powered by hi-octane rock 'n' roll voodoo. From the John Fogarty swampedelic riffs of Part One, to the Jim Morrison Lizard King squalor of Part Two, to the Elvis-in-a-gold-jumpsuit decadence of Part Three, this novel chronicling the lives and hard times of Max, the wasted guitarist with a mind too nimble for his own good, and Echo, his naive yet wise child bride with pipes of gold, covers more quintessential American pop culture terrain than anything by Salmon Rushdie or Don DeLillo. Siegel is the Bad, Bad Leroy Brown of slipstream writing: meaner than a junkyard dog, but you can't help petting his razorback fur."––Paul Di Filippo, Asimov's

"To tackle this sort of dreams-morphing-into-nightmare dark fantasy (which normally is only attempted by the very young or the seriously deranged) takes one audacious SOB––one with classical training, a crazed inner child, parenting experience, a secret inner core of perception and love. . . and raw talent. Mark Siegel has pulled it off. In spades."––Ed Bryant, Locus

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"Instructions for arriving at the soul"-The Washington Post

"A surreal and fantastic reading experience"-Booklist

"Witty, funny, intellectually clever, and often mesmerizing" -The Providence Journal

From first to last, the stories entertain on levels both cerebral and bawdy; I can think of no higher praise."-JEFF VANDERMEER, World Fantasy Award winner

"Daniel Pearlman's stories are perfectly-crafted gems. They are wry and wise, funny and sad-impossibly, all at the same time."-JACK DANN, Nebula and World Fantasy Award winner

"Highly recommended"-The Third Alternative

"Fiendish ingenuity."-Asimov's Science Fiction

"Elegant and sophisticated; Darren Speegle is one of the most intriguing voices active in genre fiction."-Cemetery Dance

An exquisite collection of literate and evocative stories."-The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

"Darren Speegle's delicious evocation of landscape delivers the reader, quite seamlessly, from places of precisely-evoked geography into landscapes of haunting spiritual menace.-Graham Joyce, World Fantasy Award winner

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